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By Frank Gurnee
Aug 8th, 2014

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Brian Laufer

Vice President QuoteWerks
Work Phone: 4072481481 Website: QuoteWerks
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Brian A. Laufer is the Vice President at Aspire Technologies, Inc. Before joining the QuoteWerks Team, Brian’s background was in IT consulting, Software Development, and Government contracting. Brian works closely with the QuoteWerks Community to ensure business owners and sales professionals have the tools they need to succeed and reach their business goals. Working with partners and customers, Brian makes this happen through educating the community and by facilitating seamless integrations between distributors, CRMs, PSAs, QuoteWerks, QuoteValet, and other partners and solutions.

Brian has an extensive background working with Consultants, Integrators, MSPs and VARs.

Over 10 years of working with businesses of all sizes implementing CRM, Accounting, and Quoting/Proposal solutions.


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