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By Frank Gurnee
Jan 22nd, 2016

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Marketing Contact: Maria Pacheco
Website: Passportal

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Passportal is a cloud-based Identity and Password Management software solution exclusively designed for and used by MSPs (IT service companies). More than 1000 IT Service companies across 28 countries have implemented Passportal internally to better manage their clients’ passwords, increase security, and improve technician efficiency. Our Partners also drive new service sales with their own branded version of Passportal to deliver Password Security Management as a value added service to their clients.

Lead by a proven executive team operating in Calgary, Toronto, and Ottawa, Passportal has the largest client base (currently primarily from the U.S.) within its category. Finishing 2015 as the top PSA story of the year by MSP Mentor and already having strong recognition and multiple award wins to date, this is a fast growing company with global reach and industry leading making for an exciting year ahead!


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