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By Frank Gurnee
May 18th, 2012

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Contact: Dimitri Miaoulis
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MSP Builder was created to provide managed service providers with the tools they need to help them run their business. Who are we? We’re an MSP just like you. Baroan Technologies has been providing RMM and other services to our clients since 1997.

The first tool that MSP Builder is offering was created by our Vice President, Dimitri Miaoulis. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience, Dimitri is constantly looking for innovative ways to communicate with our clients and prospects.

Since our clients and prospects rarely know what remote managed services are and how they can benefit their businesses, Dimitri frequently found himself explaining the concept. The analogy of RMM as an overnight tune-up for a car, except in this case the car is your IT network, seemed to be the easiest for people to comprehend. That is what led to the creation of the Remote Managed Services video.


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