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By Frank Gurnee
May 10th, 2012

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Marketing, Social Media Contact: Jay McBain
Work Phone: (518) 915-1188 wk Website: ChannelEyes

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The first free and secure social network for Vendors and their Channel Partners to use every day.  It’s kind of like Facebook, but instead of friends – it’s a filtered group of Vendor feeds on a Social Wall.

Channel Partners will have a single place to see a snapshot of new channel information every day.  You’ll cut through the noise and clutter because you control who you follow, filter the relevant information and build social conversations around it.

Vendors, manufacturers and distributors of all types will have a single place to engage with your entire channel, targeting the right person with the right information at the right time.  The net result is better engagement, sell-through, and access to potential new partners.

ChannelEyes is a ridiculously simple way to organize your business partnerships, saving time and allowing you to take advantage of timely information.

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