Community Update – Fifteen Hours of Audio Plus Live Classes Added

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November 19, 2018

Karl Palachuk / Karl Palachuk

I just posted a six minute Community News update video. Check it out:

Visit the Small Biz Thoughts Community at

Here’s the quick summary of content we’ve added this month:

  • Stay Focused on Your Business (audio program, 2017)
  • Managed Services Operations Manual, vol. 3 (audio book) 
  • Service Agreements Improved Managed Services (audio training)
Plus we are in the middle of the very popular Mini-Class Client Roadmap Deep Dive. Week One is recorded and ready to download in the Community. Week Two will be Wednesday, November 21st. 
I’ve gotten a number of questions about the Mini-Classes. So let me clarify. First, the mini-classes are for sale to non-members at $99 each. They are 100% free to Community members. 
Second, all mini-classes are recorded. They are available for immediate download. So, if you want to review the older classes, you can download them immediately as a member. If you are not a member, you cannot buy them anywhere at any price. Membership has its privileges.
The next mini-class (in December) is on Tuning Up Your YouTube. As always, guaranteed to be great content. If you’re a member, you may also want to download the last mini-class: Local Advertising for ITpreneurs. This is a truly amazing class by Mark Smith from ChannelPro. I promise you’ll learn something really cool in the first hour.
Tuesday, Nov. 20th we will post the audio program Perfect Profitable Projects – Audio program with Karl W. Palachuk and Matt Makowicz. This lengthy program originally sold for $400. Now it is exclusively available to members in the Small Biz Thoughts Community – for free.
If you get bored over the long Thanksgiving holiday, download a dozen hours of audio programming and enjoy!
I highly encourage you to bookmark and follow the “What’s New” Blog for the SBT Community.

And if you’re not a member, start with the video above. But you can a lot more information here.

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