Managed Services in a Month – Audio Book now free to Community Members

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October 21, 2018

Karl Palachuk / Karl Palachuk

Things are always changing in the Small Biz Thoughts Community. I just posted this “news” video, announcing that we now have the Managed Services in a Month book in Audio Book format available to download at no additional charge!

See the video:

Totally revised and massively expanded for 2018 with TEN new chapters. All chapters tuned up for 2018 and cloud services. This is the best selling book on Managed Services for more than twelve years.

Described by one reviewer and the “Ultimate guide to all things managed service.”

Members: Go get your free downloads now – and don’t forget to bookmark the What’s New section so you never miss a thing!

. . .

And of course that’s only some of what’s new. Here are a few more notes:

1) When you join the Small Biz Thoughts Community in October, we donate $99 (your entire first month’s payment) to Third Tier’s Advancing Women in IT Scholarships. See blog post below.

2) New Audio Program: Intro to Zero Downtime Migration Strategies. (Audio Seminar).  Free to members.

3) Mark Smith’s excellent class on Local Marketing for MSPs. I promise you’ll learn some seriously cool stuff here. Free to members.

Check it out today – and Subscribe!



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