That’s All Folks!

By Stuart_Selbst
In MSP Coaching
August 22, 2014

Stuart Selbst / Stuart Selbst

sunset cowboyAs with all good things that come to an end, I am officially announcing the end of operations for Stuart Selbst Consulting LLC. For the last 5 years of having this company, I have worked and consulted with both MSPs and VARs and have enjoyed many great successes. Naturally, this comes with some sadness but it is mixed with great optimism. I’m not going to disappear completely from the IT channel however. No, the industry can’t get rid of me that easily. I have accepted a C-Level position with an amazing company. Details will be announced about my position and the company in the coming weeks.

As I close down Stuart Selbst Consulting, I would like to thank the MSPs, Partners and Vendors I have had the privilege to work with over the years especially Kevin Kilpatrick, Herman Pool, Bob Biddle, Jamie D’Agostino, Stuart Crawford, Jeffrey Jewell, Paul Bush, Larry Walsh, Caroline D’Agostino, Stephen Faulkner and most importantly my wife Loree Selbst. Without her, I would not have never achieved this level of success. I would also like to give a huge thank you and a tip of the hat to Chris Amori and Rich Forsen of Virtual Administrator who nearly 6 years ago opened the door to my coaching/consulting career. This turned out to work very well and allowed me to help countless MSPs and VARs on the path to being successful and finding their way in business and, I can only hope, in life.

This is the end of a wonderful chapter in my life and my career. As I begin this new chapter, I find myself reflecting on the many influences of my career. Chief among these are my clients from over the years. Not only did you learn from me, I learned from you as well. We made each other better. Also playing an important role have been the people who follow me and read my blog. Then there were those of you who approached me at conferences to thank me when I didn’t even know you yet. I now thank you all for making this journey of mine worthwhile.

I have always said, if I can help one person, or company, perform better, I have succeeded. Because of the faith that has been placed in me by all of you, I feel I am one of the most successful people I know.

As I ride off into the sunset, I would like end my blog once last time by wishing you all the best in success.



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