Happy customers = More money

By Stuart_Selbst
In MSP Coaching
May 29, 2014

Stuart Selbst / Stuart Selbst

happy customersYesterday I went to get a haircut. As I was waiting for the stylist to finish up with her other customer I was observing the look on the customer’s face. I could tell that she loved her new haircut because she couldn’t stop smiling. Watching the interaction between the customer and the stylist made me think about technicians who work for MSPs and how they need to interact with the employees of the client they are supporting.

Attention business owners, your employees are your biggest asset and also your biggest liability. That said; let’s focus on the asset of having employees. The hair stylist I mentioned does not own the shop where she works yet I can almost guarantee you the customer is going to tell several of her girlfriends what a great job she, not the company, did on her hair.

Think back to when you started your business, why did you do it? You did it for probably two different reasons and one of them might have been that you were working somewhere and provided amazing customer service and someone or many people might have suggested that you start your own business. Congratulations, you started a business based on customer service. Attention MSPs, you are not in the technology business; you are in the business of customer service. I may get a lot of push back from the techies reading this, but let me ask you something. Do you build anything? No you don’t. Typically you are not writing software, building chipsets or processors. However, you are supporting software and hardware, more importantly you are supporting people who are using the software from Microsoft or some other company on the hardware that Dell, Lenovo or Intel has built. Do you see my point?

It is very simple to keep a customer happy. Just hearing them out is sometimes enough. When I say listen, I mean shut your mouth and let the customer vent, don’t interrupt. If you can go to the next level and find a resolution to their problem, you look like a hero and everyone is happy. The customer is not always right. Regardless whether the customer is 100% wrong or right, employees should be trained on how to communicate in a friendly way with the client. If the issue needs escalation to mid or upper level management, they too should be properly trained on how to defuse an upset client.

I can go on about the need for a high level of customer service in the IT industry. I’d like to end this with just a little advice, treat people the way you would want to be treated. In our industry we get to work with technologies that our clients don’t understand, it isn’t their job, that’s why they hire your company. Everyone your company supports deserves respect whether they know about what you or your techs are talking about or not. Trust me when I say that it is easier to upsell your clients on new services or raise their rates when they are getting world class service from your company.

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