Some industry vendors don’t get it

By Stuart_Selbst
In MSP Coaching
May 19, 2014

Stuart Selbst / Stuart Selbst

They-Just-Dont-Get-It-e1397851978177If you follow Stuart Selbst Consulting on Facebook or Twitter last week a sales person from a popular Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool vendor called my office. I don’t mind vendors calling me, but it does bother me when they don’t know what they are talking about. This sales person left a voicemail saying “their tool increases my monthly recurring revenue”. Of course I understand that RMM tools are very important to the success of an MSP. However, the tool will not increase my monthly recurring revenue, even if I was an MSP. Remember the tool is just that, a tool. For example, a salesperson at Sears wouldn’t say to a carpenter, if you buy this Craftsman hammer, you will increase your revenue.

Trust me when I tell you that no vendor’s product or solution can guarantee an increase in monthly recurring revenue. There is only one thing that can guarantee an increase in MRR and that is the MSP getting out there to find more clients and upsell opportunities. If the vendors want to start marketing and selling for the MSPs maybe then, they will be able to guarantee some sales results.

This blog may sound like vendor bashing. It is to a degree but, let me tell you also there are some vendors in our industry who are proactive in helping their partners grow their business. These vendors are active with education, training and market development funds. Vendors like Datto and GFI are 2 of the most engaged vendors in the IT channel today. Rob Rae and his team at Datto do everything they can to educate their MSP partners. They also have an amazing MDF program but, they want you to engage. If you aren’t engaged in selling the Datto solution you will not see the marketing dollars. Dave Sobel at GFI is someone who always tries to help their partners succeed. I have known Dave for a long time and he is very giving of his time to MSPs who show enthusiasm and the ability to succeed.

I would like to list all the vendors who I feel partner with their MSPs but, this is a blog not a book. Rather than continue to rant about how bad the vendor community in our industry is, I will instead ask the vendors to do a better job in training your outbound sales people. Remember your product and service is a tool for the MSPs, another arrow in their quiver. The executives of these vendors should take a lesson from Rob and Dave and engage with their best partners to help them succeed more. Beyond that I suggest they look at their lower performing partners and find out how they can help them change their failing businesses.

As I close this blog, I encourage MSPs to look closely at their vendors and learn how engaged they are toward the success of your business. Remember, vendors will come and go, but partners will always be engaged in you and the success of your business.

All the best in success,


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