Examining the 2014 IT salary landscape

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April 11, 2014

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Earlier this week, Computerworld released the 2014 version of its popular IT Salary Survey. The growing demand for quality talent in the IT channel has the trend inching in a positive direction.

According to the 3,673 IT professionals and executives that were surveyed, the average salary increase was 2.1 percent, the bonus average increased 0.7 percent and 60 percent of them received a raise in the last year.

Topping the list of specific skills in demand over the next 12 months were application development (49 percent), help desk/IT support (44 percent) and business intelligence (29 percent).

However, there is a growing problem when it comes to actually finding IT professionals that not only have the technical chops but also the business savvy to work in the current landscape.

“Companies don’t want the hard-core techie that sits off in the back room. They want the person that has those tech skills, but also someone they can put in the boardroom or in front of the business group,” John Reed, senior executive director at Robert Half Technology, told the news source. “There aren’t that many of those types of people.”

David Foote, the CEO of Foote Partners, added that because of the impact of technology on critical business operations, IT professionals are now being “thrust into a seat at the tablet.” Unfortunately, handling this is another skill that companies need to find within their IT hires. Companies need to find speed and agility along with technology know-how, which could mean a new hiring philosophy is needed.

Finding the “perfect candidate” is becoming increasingly difficult. VAR Staffing helps organizations identify and recruit the impactful talent that is needed to make a difference.

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