Think your business doesn’t need to worry about data preservation? Think again!

By Sonian
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April 7, 2014

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“Our business isn’t regulated. We don’t need email archiving.”

That mindset used to be OK, especially if your business didn’t have to deal with compliance audits. But those days are long gone. Today, data preservation is a best practice for modern businesses. 

Here are 3 reasons all businesses should consider cloud-based email archiving:

  • Protect valuable intellectual property
    At a time when so much business is conducted through email, preserving and protecting those conversations, contracts and other valuable information can make all the difference – whether it’s mandated or not. Protect your electronic communications, your data and your business.
  • Make business data actionable
    Fast and accurate search illuminates dark data, making it accessible and actionable and bringing focus and clarity to your business. Find exactly what you need – whenever you need it – in seconds. Delve deeper, derive meaning and decide faster.
  • Reduce organizational risk
    Quickly respond to discovery requests, easily recover deleted files and speed internal investigations. Eliminate risk and potential fines associated with failing to produce relevant information in a timely manner.

BONUS: When you take advantage of cloud economics, you reduce IT expenses. There’s no hardware or software to buy and no maintenance to perform. Plus, you get unlimited storage and unlimited retention for an affordable and predictable cost.

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About Sonian
An early innovator in cloud-based archiving, Sonian preserves, protects and presents the world’s information. More than 15,000 customers in 40 countries trust Sonian’s proprietary platform and cloud search engine to retain and retrieve valuable data and protect intellectual property. Sonian manages more than 19 billion objects in the cloud; every day, 17 million new documents are uploaded to Sonian’s email archive, which is integrated with the world’s 5 largest public clouds.

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