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April 3, 2014

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Have you seen this latest news about Office 365?

“Items in the Office 365 Deleted Items and Junk E-Mail folder can be retain

ed for a maximum of 30 days.” – Osterman Research White Paper
After that, the email messages and file attachments are gone forever.

And that could be a huge problem.

For modern businesses, protecting IP and other critical information in email isn’t only prudent; in many cases, it’s mandatory for legal and regulatory reasons. Securing and retaining that valuable information can make all the difference.

Office 365 for the Enterprise: How to Strengthen Security, Compliance and Control includes the 30-day deadline and other retention limitations among the drawbacks of O365.

The major finding of the White Paper is that many Office 365 users will require third-party products and services to supplement the native capabilities of the platform.

See for yourself:

▪   Which missing features in the Office 365 platform to consider supplementing with other cloud-based or on-premises tools

Know the drawbacks related to retention and other limitations – and what you can do about it. 

▪   How third-party enhancements provide more granular or more capable archiving, security and encryption than Office 365’s native capabilities

Reduce risk with additional data-protection functionality.

▪   Why solutions designed to supplement or replace specific Office 365 features and functions will grow at a healthy pace

See the third-party offerings and their capabilities.

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From Osterman Research: Office 365 drawbacks

describe the imageDon’t miss the complete list of retention limitations or the other valuable data-protection details in this new free report.

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