IT solution providers are needed to combat the ‘perfect storm’ that is brewing

By VAR_Staffing
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March 31, 2014

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Security should be a top priority at every IT department. According to a recent article from The VAR Guy, to address this, many companies are relying much more on quality IT solution providers than ever before.

“Solution providers have always been the linchpin holding the IT industry together,” the article reads. “For the past 30 years they have evolved from simple hardware and software providers to small businesses and big corporations alike to being the critical component to making businesses more efficient and competitive. And their role will continue to grow in importance going forward, study after study after study proves.”

The article goes on to describe a “perfect storm” that is being created in the business landscape that increased the need for solution providers in the face of a growing security problem.

It breaks down like this: more companies are adopting mobile strategies, which increases the need for efficient data storage and access, fueling the cloud and hosted infrastructure. Each of these platforms has security questions surrounding it and combining all of them makes for one potentially huge problem.

A study cited in the piece from KnowBe4, found that 51 percent of IT managers believe security is harder to maintain than it was a year ago. Only 9 percent thought it was getting easier.

For VARs and MSPs to stand out above the competition, these organizations need to have the most impactful talent available. VAR Staffing helps solution providers identify and recruit high quality professionals who are ready to combat the perfect storm of IT security that is growing.

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