Women’s role in the IT channel needs to improve

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March 28, 2014

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Diversifying technology talent has been a topic of discussion among technology executives some time. Earlier this month, we covered a Forbes article that spoke about the growing role that women play in the IT channel.

A recent article for CNN Tech featured an interview with Regina Agyare, the founder of software development company Soronko Solutions. Last year, she also co-founded the organization “Tech Needs Girls,” a mentorship and educational initiative aiming to encourage young women to pursue a career in technology.

Over the course of the discussion, she spoke about her background, the initiative and why it is important that more women start picking up technology.

“Currently we are missing out on valuable perspectives that 50 percent of the population can bring to designing the technology of the future,” Agyare told the news source. “Research shows that diversity improves problem solving, productivity, innovation and ultimately the bottom line – we need the female perspective in technology.”

Aside from innovation, Agyare also pointed to reducing social inequalities, teaching girls leadership skills and critical thinking and stopping the workforce exit. In the U.S., women hold less that 25 percent of the science, technology, engineering and math jobs and it could get worse as trends show the number of women studying and pursuing careers in technology goes down by 0.5 percent annually. This means that if left unchecked, by 2043 less than 1 percent of the global IT workforce will be female.

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