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March 26, 2014

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Are you selling or using Office 365?

Don’t miss the valuable data-protection information in this detailed new White Paper from the experts at Osterman Research.

The major finding is that many Office 365 users will require third-party products and services to supplement the native capabilities of the platform.

Office 365 for the Enterprise: How to Strengthen Security, Compliance and Control highlights 9 archiving limitations as one of the drawbacks of O365, including this one:

“End user capabilities in some versions of Office 365 are somewhat more limited than they are with many competing cloud-based and on-premises archiving solutions.”

Translation: Businesses can save time, money and IT resources by allowing end users to easily access and search their individual email archives and retrieve deleted messages and file attachments.

See for yourself:

▪   Which missing features in the Office 365 platform to consider supplementing with other cloud-based or on-premises tools

See all the drawbacks related to archiving and the other limitations – and how to fill in the gaps. 

▪   How third-party enhancements provide more granular or more capable archiving, security and encryption than Office 365’s native capabilities

Eliminate risk by considering these additional data-protection capabilities.

▪   Why solutions designed to supplement or replace specific Office 365 features and functions will grow at a healthy pace
Avoid potential problems and overcome limitations with a variety of third-party service offerings that are available and emerging.

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Office 365 for the Enterprise: describe the image
Strengthening Security, Compliance and Control

Don’t miss this all the valuable data-protection details in this new Osterman Research White Paper.

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