Managing big data becomes a ‘turf war’

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March 26, 2014

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One of the hottest trends in the corporate landscape has been incorporating big data into the decision making process. However, many organizations are still trying to understand the technology and it is causing companies to struggle when it comes to following best practices.

A recent article from The New York Times examined the internal “turf war” that this has created.

“These troves of new information are becoming a high-stakes issue for companies, with significant opportunities to leverage the data and boost business—but also to make significant missteps,” the article reads. “So, corporate departments are debating which of them is best set up to oversee the process.”

The piece goes on to talk with Tony Jewitt, the vice president at big-data firm Avalon Consulting. He makes the case that the current free-for-all in managing big data is similar to what happened 20 years ago when the internet started to make a push into the enterprise. The issue is that everyone is trying to understand the technology and the best ways to manage it.

This explains why there are so many different approaches to managing big data. A study cited in the report surveyed 339 data-management professionals. When asked who was responsible for the solutions, several answers were given. Topping the list was senior IT executives  with 29 percent. Also receiving votes are the CIO (26 percent), line of business vice president/directors (14 percent), mid-level IT managers (13 percent) and CEO (7 percent).

The study also asked which department(s) use big data in the decision making process. Eight departments were recognized by between 23 and 11 percent of respondents. They include operations, marketing, R&D, customer service, sales, product management, compliance and logistics.

Big data is something that many companies are looking for. An experienced VAR or MSP can help outline a data management program. VAR Staffing helps solution providers identify and recruit the impactful talent needed to harness the power of big data.

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