Technology is changing the role of the CIO

By VAR_Staffing
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March 25, 2014

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One of the side effects of the rapidly changing technology landscape is that the leadership required to successfully run new devices and systems is changing. While those on the technology team are struggling to learn new skills, the CIO is undergoing a significant shift.

According to a recent article from, traditionally the chief information office was responsible for red or green lighting technology purchases and overseeing the systems in their data centers. However, over the last few years, technology has evolved dramatically and CIOs now need to start making sales pitches, instead of receiving them, to those higher up.

This is happening because the latest innovations are changing how companies operate across the board and not just in IT. This requires CIOs to essentially take on the role of internal IT consultant.

The article features an interview with Andrew Wilson, the CIO of tech consulting firm Accenture, who examined this idea more closely.

“A good consultant comes at it from an industry and client perspective and with an outcome rather than with tools and technology,” Wilson said. “I must not just be a technologist. I must be an articulate, collegiate business operator who also owns the technology responsibilities that enable the firm.”

This is the type of approach that the top notch technology consultants have taken to help businesses of all sizes successfully handle the latest innovations with ease. With the help of VAR Staffing, these solution providers are able to identify and recruit the impactful talent that plays a big role in answering today’s technology solutions.

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