Was Target’s data breach detected and ignored?

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March 17, 2014

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For anyone that follows the latest trends in IT security, the Target breach has been a rollercoaster to watch. With nearly 110 million consumers affected, it is one of the biggest breaches of its kind on record and the twists and turns just keep on coming.

Last week came news that the company’s CIO has stepped down. Now, according to an article from ComputerWorld, the Target IT team may have been aware of the malware early on but deemed the threat minimal and ignored it.

Company spokeswoman Molly Snyder spoke with the news source and said that security monitoring tools had generated alerts about the malware. The team investigated and “based on their interpretation and evaluation of that activity, the [Target security] team determined that it did not warrant immediate follow up.”

While it is unknown if a different outcome would have resulted had the company been proactive, the article points out that Target is far from alone when it comes to making mistakes about security.

Joe Schumacher, a security consultant for Neohapsis, told the news source that he has seen a number of companies deploy all the latest tools to monitor the network and track all activity. However, businesses do not have the right personnel in place to examine the data and properly define the risk.

“Any organization looking to implement security technologies should make the same investment in their people to help configure the technology,” he said.

This is a role that qualified VARs and MSPs have filled for many organizations. VAR Staffing helps these solution providers identify and recruit the impactful talent that is needed to combat these challenges.

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