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March 14, 2014

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As Postini nears its end of life, you may have noticed that Google hasn’t provided simple (or workable) export facilities. If you want access to your legacy Postini mail, you face getting locked into a Google Vault.

Sonian offers you the freedom to choose your next mail platform and to free your legacy data from the clutches of an extinct mailbox format. Sonian’s email experts offer the Postini Export Service, a turnkey solution to collect your Postini mail in a secure cloud archive. So whatever your next mail platform, you’ll have access to years of your mail messages at an affordable and fixed price.

Sonian’s easy-to-use service provides effective export with minimal effort. With the Postini Export Service, the move to a cloud-based email archive couldn’t be easier. With unlimited retention, you’ll never have to worry about moving it again. Plus, Sonian’s fast and accurate search means you quickly find relevant messages based on flexible queries and easily decide what’s worth keeping.

Since Google announced the termination of the Postini email and archive platform, many longtime users have struggled to find a way to escape the forced migration to the costly Vault product. Users report that because Google limits the size of exports and the date ranges for the required searches, overwrites successive export files and has cancelled telephone support for Postini, it’s simply impossible to be sure that you’ve successfully exported all your email. For users who have suffered through repeated and prolonged outages and endured Postini’s historically “slow search,” the lack of reliable export facilities is the final insult. Get peace of mind during this forced mail migration. Don’t let your data be held hostage. Export it with ease, with Sonian.

“Email migration has long been a big part of our core offering,” says Jenn McAuliffe, vice president of sales at Sonian. “Postini implementations come with plenty of well-documented peculiarities. With this easy-to-use export service, our email experts are helping thousands of users recover their valuable email messages and file attachments from Postini.”

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