Women’s role in IT growing

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March 13, 2014

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On March 8, the Google doodle honored International Women’s Day. It featured comments from over a 100 “inspiring women from around the world” to help shine a light on this group that has been underrepresented in almost all fields including technology, education, business and politics.

The good news is that in many of these sectors, things are changing. According to an article from Forbes, the IT channel has a bright outlook for women, despite still having significant obstacles to overcome.

Bernadette Andrietti, a vice president at technology firm Intel, said there are not enough women in the industry and the opportunities to advance in their career are slim. However, with the need for quality talent growing across the corporate landscape — 500,000 IT job openings in the U.S. at the end of 2013 — opportunities are changing.

Andrietti added that women also brings in a fresh perspective on production design, ways of working, risk-taking and many other aspects of business.

“The teams with the best results are those comprising professionals with different attitudes, methods and backgrounds; those who draw multiple approaches into one unified solution,” Pamela Maynard, president for Europe, Africa and Latin America at IT consultancy Avanade, said in the report. “There is also a connection between diverse leadership and financial success, as those diverse workforces see their fiscal success increase – there is tangible value to diversifying the enterprise and it is ultimately customers who win.”

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