Losing mobile devices a big problem for enterprises

By VAR_Staffing
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March 11, 2014

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace has been a growing trend in the last decade. While PalmPilot and BlackBerry were the first to provide smart gadgets that employees could use to access company email from any location, Apple kickstarted the movement when they released the iPhone in 2007.

Smartphones and tablets have ushered in a new era of business, but also created a security problem. Every business can take steps toward improving their network and encrypting their data, but if an employee was to lose their iPhone or have their iPad stolen, that immediately opens up company information to those who should not have access to it, whether they have nefarious intentions or not.

According to a new study by Absolute Software, lost and stolen devices are not met with the concern that they should be. After surveying 750 U.S. employees in multiple industries, it was discovered that 25 percent of respondents believe that a leak or loss of company data is not their problem. Going a step further, 34 percent who have lost a phone were not punished, 30 percent just had to replace the device and 21 percent received a “talking to.”

The problem is that employees do not understand what is at stake. The survey found that 59 percent estimated that the value of corporate data to be less than $500, which is grossly under the actual number.

To answer this, businesses need to have a fully fleshed out mobile device management plan. VARs and MSPs have helped many companies deploy and manage these gadgets. Leading MARs and MSPs partner with VAR Staffing to identify and recruit the impactful talent that their clients need to meet mobile challenges.

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