Time for companies to get creative with the IT skills gap

By VAR_Staffing
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March 4, 2014

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

The skills gap in the technology sector has been talked about for some time. The evolution of the IT channel has reached a pace that is moving beyond what current professionals can keep up with. This is forcing organizations to try and get creative when it comes to acquiring individuals and boosting the talent pool.

In a recent guest column from Business Review Weekly, Riley Batchelor, the regional director for global educational institution General Assembly Australia, makes the case that businesses need to get more creative about how organizations meet the demand for tech skills.

He mentioned that in Australia, the landscape has never been more vibrant. It has even helped create a rich community of innovative start-ups. While this landscape has been growing, it has also created challenges, one being access to the properly skilled professionals.

He went on to say that many recent college graduates are looking for entry-level positions that require knowledge above their current level. These professionals need to find a way to learn quickly to find an employment opportunity.

“Skills conversion, and deep, immersive training programs are an incredibly important part of the education landscape. Intensive, short-form skills training helps turn smart, creative people with expertise in areas outside of technology into smart, creative, digital skilled workers,” Batchelor wrote.

In many cases, organizations turn toward reliable VARs and MSPs to solve their skills gap problems. This allows companies to quickly acquire the knowledge-base needed to manage the latest innovations. By partnering with VAR Staffing, reliable solution providers are able to recruit the impactful talent that the current tech landscape demands.

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