Why a third-party email archive makes sense with Office 365

By Sonian
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February 26, 2014

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Have you considered adding cloud-based email archiving to 0365?

While O365 packages offer a comprehensive suite of products that can accomplish a lot of different tasks, sometimes the purpose-built tool does a better job than a Swiss Army Knife. Here are three reasons to consider adding a purpose-built email archive to 0365, to ensure your critical business messages and file attachments are protected.

Research shows that 80% of business emails and attachments contain critical information. Sonian’s Email Archive supports 500 types of file attachments. Once indexed, all these files and the full text of the emails are searchable by the user. While O365 also offers search, it supports only 50 file types. This could prove a critical difference for businesses facing litigation or compliance audits. Make sure that you can find data when you need it.

Data Preservation
Sonian’s Email Archive is enabled by journaling your O365 email server, to ensure every communication is archived – forever. Even if a mailbox is disabled, the archived data remains. With O365, a disabled or dormant mailbox will be shut down, resulting in the loss of critical data. With Sonian, only your administrator has the rights to purge data from the archive, not the end user.

Microsoft clarified mailbox size late last year: the total is 50 GB for the inbox and archive combined. This means that as your mailboxes grow, and they will, you’ll reach your storage limit. By adding Sonain service, your archive budget will be predictable because the amount of data supported is unlimited. Ensure your company has a bottomless archive.

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