Technology skills being highlighted to the younger generation

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February 18, 2014

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The IT channel has some of the most in-demand skill sets on the job market. Nearly every business relies on some version of the latest innovations to handle daily tasks. Without the right support or impactful talent behind the scenes, managing these solutions, can be harder than expected.

Because of this, some school systems are starting to promote the importance of tech skills to students, so they will be better prepared for the job market when they graduate.

According to an article from Lancaster Online, a Pennsylvania news outlet, the Lancaster-Lebanon Technology Student Association (TSA) has created a competition inorder to teach technology, engineering and math skills. Roughly 300 middle and high school students took part in this year’s event.

Chris Miller, the technology teacher at Conestoga Valley Middle School, where the competition was held, said that participation in the TSA has increased across the state, even as budget cuts things harder.

“Hopefully (technology education) will be a priority in education,” said Miller. “It ties together all the other subjects.”

A separate article from U.S. News featured a list of “daily technology skills” that every college student needs to have mastered by the time they graduate, whether they are looking to get into the IT field or not. This includes everything from online etiquette and research chops, to understanding some basic software suites and privacy and security awareness.

Technology skills have a growing importance. In many instances, companies are turning toward VARs and MSPs to help obtain these skills. VAR Staffing helps solutions providers identify and recruit the impactful talent that is needed.

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