Cloud technology vital for younger business owners

By VAR_Staffing
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February 14, 2014

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

To many grizzled business owners, the cloud can seem like a daunting new technology that is filled with question marks. This is easy to understand, as adopting a cloud-based infrastructure can fundamentally change the way many organizations operate and additional tools may be needed to be effective.

For younger entrepreneurs, however, the cloud and other newer technologies are the main platforms being used for success.

One of the new generation of business owners wrote a guest column for The Guardian describing the role that technology played in not only running his business but starting it. Jeffrey Postlehwaite, the founder of Twists Pasta Bar, credits the cloud with the ability to even get his business off the ground as he was able to build the company around a model of accessing information, sharing data and improving customer service anytime, anywhere.

“All entrepreneurs enjoy the excitement of building a business, but the necessary administrative tasks are often less alluring,” Postlethwaite wrote. “By taking advantage of technologies such as the cloud, we are able to focus on the creative side of growing our business and spend less time getting bogged down in paperwork.”

Younger business owners have grown up with this technology, and using it for business tasks is an easy switch to make. For older decision-makers who are still undecided, an experienced MSP or VAR can become a valuable source to evaluate the system and if it will work for your business needs. VAR Staffing provides the impactful talent that solution services need to be effective.

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