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February 10, 2014

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LegalTech, the largest and most important legal technology event of the year, took place for three energetic days in the center of New York City. Sonian was on site for all of it, enjoying many fruitful conversations with prospects and partners. The vast show presented a lot of data solutions, which are increasingly falling within the purview of attorneys, especially the during “document discovery” that frequently precedes litigation. 

Here are three “megatrends” that I noted during LegalTech:

1. Getting Beyond Keywords
Sifting through mountains of data has gone beyond keywords and Boolean searches. Solutions abound that further the court-endorsed practice of predictive coding, an approach that clearly has the potential to revolutionize early case assessment. Context, not content, is driving modern search, and iterative machine learning (find more like this) can really streamline the review process. 

2. Cloud, Cloud, Cloud
No big surprise here, but the cloud hype-cycle continues unabated. Many companies are talking about the advantages of cloud economics for document storage, and on top of that, data management methodologies. Given the audience of in-house counsel and legal process consultants, the obvious questions around data integrity and system security pop up immediately. One hot topic is the encryption options coming from some cloud providers and how they might be used to circumvent regulations such as the Stored Communication Act. 

3. Information Governance
While many of the largest solution vendors in this space continue to tout Information Governance, I was surprised to find so many smaller companies jumping on board with rules-based content management schema that focus on risk and records management. There are many interesting things happening at some of the smaller vendors, and the sheer number of them lead me to believe this may be a market that’s ripe for a bit of consolidation. 

The panel I moderated at LegalTech (smooth self-serving segue, don’t you think?) was entitled “Illuminate Dark Data & Accelerate Discovery.” The panel was made up of technology leaders Greg Arnette from Sonian and Geoff Bougeois of Acaveo, both of whom delved into the emerging tech. Greg and Geoff were nicely balanced by Marty Provin from Jordan Lawrence, arguably the premier records management consultancy for the legal community, who brought many useful insights into the mechanics of policy definition, defensible deletion and consistent enforcement. 

But the biggest news from the show (for me anyway) was the announcement of DiscoverStor, which leverages Sonian’s proven cloud platform and data management expertise to bring information governance to SMBs and SMEs involved in periodic litigation and investigation. 

Furthering Sonian’s mission to bring cost-effective solutions and predictable pricing to bear on data management problems, DiscoverStor is attractively priced for enterprises that might have thought they couldn’t afford these sophisticated solutions. It was very well received, and a few interesting partnership opportunities presented themselves as a result of our announcement at the show, so I’m sure the breadth of that offering will continue to expand over 2014. 

I’m already looking forward to next year’s show! 



Meghan Forgione is Vice President of Finance at Sonian. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bentley University and a law degree from Massachusetts School of Law.

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