Improve IT productivity with better collaboration

By VAR_Staffing
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February 10, 2014

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In both the technology sector and the general business world, skilled IT teams have become essential to operations. Especially as companies make the switch from local computer software to cloud-based technologies, it is crucial for businesses in the IT channel to have effective personnel at their disposal.

A recent article on CIO offered some tips for executives who want to encourage their IT teams to be more productive. 

First, it is important that all teams get the tools and infrastructure they need to collaborate effectively. This includes transparency improvements and better communication between office locations when necessary.

“Even the best team is only as effective as its resources and systems that they use day to day,” Wes Wright, CIO at Seattle Children’s Hospital, told the news source. “If you want to get the most out of your IT team, invest in the proper tools. Deploy incredibly secure, yet user-intuitive solutions that will cut down on manual hours and improve accuracy in identifying network problems.”

Busywork can be a huge damper on productivity, which is why teams need to do whatever is necessary to streamline their tasks. Not all reporting work is completely necessary, and some can be combined into more workable, efficient formats. The same thinking applies to meetings. It is certainly useful for team members to gather from time to time, but, as the article points out, there is such a thing as an “excessive meeting trap.” 

None of these strategies can work without qualified IT personnel. VAR Staffing helps businesses find the talent that they need in their organization.

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