Study: More data created by machines than humans in 2014

By VAR_Staffing
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February 5, 2014

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

When it comes to the collection of data, many organizations see it as something that involves human interaction. For example, what are people saying about your product or service? However, with the increase in connectivity and internet, machine-to-machine communication is on the rise and according to a new study, the data generated by machines will outpace that created by human beings.

This is all part of the Internet of Things and a recent article from CIO examined how ill-prepared many companies are for this revolution.

According to a white paper by Forrester, many companies are still on the outside looking it when it comes to the Internet of Things:

“Our 2013 networks and telecommunications survey shows that more than 50 percent of companies have no interest and/or no plans to implement machine-to-machine or Internet of Things capabilities, while just 8 percent tell us they have implemented M2M or IoT systems.”

There are several reasons for the lack of interest from companies, including security concerns (37 percent), cost (32 percent) and technology immaturity (25 percent). Other challenges include integration hurdles, migration risks and regulatory concerns.

There is a possibility of 50 billion connected devices being active by 2020. That means machine-generated data will be booming and companies will need to make sure they have information in place to handle these processes. MSPs and VARs have become reliable resources for many organizations looking to start down this path. VAR Staffing helps quality solution providers identify and recruit the impactful talent needed to do this successfully.

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