Multidimensional IT talent a trend for 2014

By VAR_Staffing
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January 28, 2014

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When it comes to enterprise IT solutions, one of the biggest trends is the blurring of lines between individual systems. Ten years ago, most offices operated with one standard infrastructure and set of tools. However, as the business and consumer worlds have collided, more IT departments find themselves with multiple avenues and system to explore and manage.

According to a recent article by CIO Magazine, hybrid IT roles and multidimensional talent will be a major concern in the future of corporate IT. This means finding the right professionals who can combine technology, domain, business, process and people skills.

“The technologies are a side show to a lot of what’s really critical,” says David Foote, chief analyst at IT labor research and analyst firm Foote Partners. “It’s IT’s ability to do something meaningful with them that’s important.”

In the article, Foote continues to discuss several of the specific skill combinations that will come into play over the next few years. These include:

  • Enterprise architects who understand the cloud
  • Business analysts who are integrated thinkers
  • Security professionals with marketing skills
  • Database engineers who can handle unstructured information
  • Software developers who create more than code.

In the current IT landscape, IT departments need to handle much more than the network and computer maintenance. The operations of an entire company can be tied into the strength of technology solutions. This is why many businesses have partnered with VARs and MSPs for a hand ensuring these systems are up to speed. Quality solution providers can partner with VAR Staffing to identify and recruit the impactful talent available.

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