2014 to be an ‘interesting year for IT employment’

By VAR_Staffing
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January 23, 2014

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Anyone who has been in the job market recently is aware that the battle to land an opportunity is difficult. This is especially true in the IT channel, where the demand for quality professionals is being met with an evolving landscape filled with additional obstacles for job seekers to overcome. 

A recent article from ComputerWorld examined several of the latest trends in the IT hiring market that are impacting the marketplace. The piece calls 2014 an “interesting year for IT employment, politically and on the job front.” There are several factors that will lead to this.

More technology professionals are out on their own. This has led to an increase in temporary and project-based hiring as a way to address specific needs and moving on. There is also a fight over increasing the number H-1B work visas and a slowing down of IT salary growth. On top of that, there is a debate over the strength of the IT hiring market.

“IT labor analysts agree that the pace of IT job creation began to slow late last summer,” the article reads. “They don’t agree on the number of jobs created in 2013, but that’s because some use a broad set of labor occupations to track IT hiring, and others a more narrow set. But the hiring trend is clear.”

These challenges have many organizations turning toward VARs and MSPs for help getting through. VAR Staffing identifies and recruits the impactful talent that quality solution providers need to make a real difference for enterprises.

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