4 Marketing Tools For More Leads in 2014

By Herman Pool
In Marketing
January 17, 2014

Herman Pool / Vertical Axion

No doubt many of our readers and clients have been planning for 2014 for a while now, and after speaking with many of you I know marketing is playing an important part in your 2014 plans.  If it isn’t already, marketing definitely needs to be there.  In this article I’ll share some of the trends we are seeing in marketing.  Keep your mind open for how you might be able to use these four marketing tools in your business this year.

Social Signals have increasing importance in SEO

In 2013, Google made many changes in their search Algorithm.  In fact, while numbers vary we know of at least 13 changes that impacted the way Google ranks and displays search results.  This means big changes for the way SEO is handled.  We now see that Google seems to be giving less weight to inbound links.  While creating massive amounts of links in the past was a huge key to ranking on Google’s coveted first page, now it is very important to work on other factors as well.  While social signals aren’t as powerful as regular backlinks, we have noticed that they are becoming more important.  Google wants to provide people using the search engine to have high quality content shown to them, so it seems they are using social signals to help identify quality content.

With this in mind, it is recommended to add social sharing buttons to your content and messages in order to give people the opportunity to share your content.

Use Ad Retargeting To Increase Conversions

Ad retargeting is a fairly new marketing tool that can really help increase conversions.  Those of you who have heard me speak know that I talk a lot about the importance of having your message seen multiple times.  Ad retargeting is a fantastic method for doing this.

The first time someone visits your site, they will either take you up on a call to action or browse away.  Rather than ignore those who browse away, retargeting uses simple a Javascript code and cookies to follow your viewers as they browse the Internet.  Your ads will be displayed on a network of sites increasing both the exposure that viewer has to your offer and the opportunities for them to revist your website.

In this way, retargeting can help you reach your target audience in a very efficient manner by showing your ads across different websites and only to visitors who have visited your site or otherwise shown interest in your products or service.

This also decreases your cost to run ads on a large group of popular sites via ad networks. Even if this doesn’t lead to an immediate sale, it can pay off well over time.

Content Marketing Continues To Be Important

Content marketing continues to be an important tool in your marketing toolbox.  By creating and distributing your company’s content through blog posts, articles, social media posts, monthly newsletters, and video you establish your company’s credibility in your industry.  Studies show that content marketing also helps build rapport with your prospects and existing customers.

Not only does content marketing help improve the way people perceive your company, it also provides you with a valuable resource you can use for inbound marketing.  While TV, newspaper, and yellow pages become less effective and more expensive, creating your own case studies, training videos, and info products to use as giveaways for an inbound marketing campaign costs less.  This has the added benefit of being considerably more effective because you can focus your content to speak to a very specific audience.

In the past publishers had the control, now you can be your own publisher.

Have an actual web page

It surprises me to see so many businesses without an actual webpage.  Despite the increasing need for an online presence, many small to medium sized business owners still have either no website or one that is woefully lacking.

When you speak to people about your business one of the most common questions you hear back is, “What’s your website address?”   I have met so many business owners in the past year that either say, “I don’t have one,” or “search for me on facebook”.   This just isn’t going to cut it today.  Having no online presence is ignoring what is happening in modern business and marketing.  Having only a Facebook page is often too limiting.  You need an online presence that belongs to you.

Today, buyers want to research and find their own answers.  They ask their friends, they search Google, and they search social media.  Often if they can’t find your website, they will move on to a competitor that has a website that will tell them what they want to know.

Beyond that, Google is the modern equivalent of the yellow pages, without a webpage you will probably not have good luck being found in the search results.

Consider implementing these four things in your marketing plan and you’ll be well on the way to succeeding in 2014.

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