3 email archiving myths debunked

By Sonian
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January 17, 2014

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

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Myth #1: You only need to save some employee’s emails.

Fact: Every employee’s emails need to be archived, from the CEO to the entry-level associate. Whether it’s customer contracts, financial projections or internal communications, every employee in your organization has some sort of intellectual property in their email. As a result, many companies are protecting emails and file attachments in a cloud-based archive that scales with their data storage and retention demands.

Myth #2: Your email system already makes it easy to find lost and deleted data.

Fact: In a recent email management survey, nearly half of respondents admit that managing email is a challenge. That’s somewhat alarming, considering how much time and money is spent trying to recover lost or deleted messages and file attachments. After all, most companies can’t afford to lose hours, days or even weeks recovering data, especially when trying to comply with data retention regulations or discovery requests.

Myth #3: You have to spend a lot of time on implementation.

Fact: With the right cloud-based email archiving solution, you can get up and running in as little as 20 minutes. No one needs to be on-site for implementation, either. In the age of diminishing IT resources and budgets, solutions that make it fast and easy to archive, index and search your email are becoming increasingly popular.

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