Non-tech professionals making a splash in IT world

By VAR_Staffing
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January 16, 2014

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With the economy still in recovery mode, there are plenty of people still looking for jobs. IT is one of the few industries that has a completely positive outlook and a dramatic need for quality professionals. It would make sense then for those looking for a new opportunity to send their resumes toward companies hiring for technology positions.

However, it can seem like a monumental task for someone who does not consider themselves a “tech person” to land a role in an IT department. A recent article from Mashable not only dismisses that idea, but encourages non-tech candidates to apply for technology jobs.

“Even non-tech people can successfully apply for tech jobs and quickly develop tech skills,” the article reads. “Tech is huge, and it isn’t going anywhere. Even if you don’t have a tech-related degree or any direct experience, if you are smart and a fast learner, you can learn technology skills and gain experience on the job.”

The piece goes on to lay out several reasons why individuals should consider entering the technology world. First off, the tech field is not a mystery. Individuals just need to learn the hard skills if they do not have them. Once the skills are learned you do not become a cog in the machine. Technology creates products and solutions that impact many people’s lives in a short time.

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