Early 2014 is the time to improve IT solutions

By VAR_Staffing
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January 15, 2014

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

During the early weeks of every year, businesses of all sizes start planning out their budgets and launching new projects. In many cases this means turning to the IT department and looking for ways to improve operations and implementing them during what is traditionally the slowest time of the year. This is the perfect way to take advantage of corporate ebbs and flows.

A recent article from CIO Magazine reiterated this idea and took it a step further by examining several ways that small businesses can better prepare for technology support. The piece covers four different aspects of operations that organizations should consider upgrading.

At the top of the priority list is improved security. Not only does this mean a need for improved software security, but also better protection of networks, privacy and physical pieces of hardware. Security is a complex solution that is constantly evolving as solutions and attacks do the same, so taking some time to evaluate your strategy is crucial.

Other areas of IT that businesses should consider upgrading include:

  • Networks, for improved performance
  • Storage through cloud computing services
  • Peripherals like displays to improve efficiency.

Taking the time to upgrade all of these solutions can be more complicated than it seems. Many businesses turn to VARs and MSPs for a helping hand when it comes to improving business technology. VAR Staffing helps quality solution providers identity and recruit the impactful talent that is need to make upgrades to these systems even easier to manage.

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