Know who said what, did what and knew what – and when

By Sonian
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January 10, 2014

Jonathan Nguyen / Sonian

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Have you seen the news about the engineer, the football players and the politician?

 It may sound like a joke, but it’s no laughing matter:

  • An employee convicted of obstruction of justice for deleting messages after an accident…
  • A pro sports team sidelined by accusations of cyber bullying among teammates…
  • A governor embroiled in a political scandal because of emails sent by his top aides…

All these recent stories are really all about the same topic – preserving and searching data.

In headline after headline of real-world examples, one thing is clear: there could have been a much different outcome with cloud-based email archiving.

 At a time when so much of a business is run through electronic communications, securing and retaining those conversation and other valuable data – and being bale to easily and quickly search them – can make a world of difference. To deal with problems when they arise or even avoid them altogether, you must know who said what, did what and knew what – and when.

If you’re not preserving the intellectual property and other valuable data in your email, you’re putting your business – and maybe even yourself – at risk.

Are you protected? Are you sure?

Don’t take any chances. Save every message – because you never know – and search every message when you need to know.

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