Refusing to upgrade legacy IT is a ‘recipe for disaster’

By VAR_Staffing
In Channel
January 9, 2014

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

When it comes to business technology, there is a feeling that many systems do not get upgraded until after they break. It follows the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and considering the cost and other challenges associated with investing in new infrastructure, it is easy to see why a company would be reluctant to change from a solution that is already working.

According to a recent article from InformationWeek, these decisions do far more harm than good in the IT channel. Technology departments can fall into the trap of just keeping systems running and only putting out fires when they occur, while making sure they are on par or ahead of the competition.

While this works with legacy systems, it is a problem in the new technological age. IT is impacting every system within a business, and sitting back with old hardware holds every department back from embracing the latest innovations.

“Running an outdated IT strategy and managing the status quo is a recipe for disaster,” the article reads. “The alternative is to work with the business to continuously review existing business models, re-examine cost structures and reduce operational debt to the point where IT is able to deliver the types of new applications and services that customers want.”

Upgrading legacy technology can be complicated, especially if an IT department does not have the internal talent to handle the latest innovations. Many organizations are turning toward VARs and MSPs for a helping hand. VAR Staffing actively identifies and recruits the impactful talent that is needed to manage evolving technology.

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