Winter Storm Hercules adds pressure on MSPs​’ disaster recovery plans

By VAR_Staffing
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January 6, 2014

VAR_Staffing / VAR Staffing

Hercules is more than a Greek hero and the son of Zeus, for residents of the Northeastern United States. It is also the name of the first major winter storm of 2014 that has dumped as much as two feet of snow in some areas, brought the temperatures below zero and produced wind gusts of over 40 miles per hour. 

While many residents are dealing with shoveling, as well as cold and icy conditions, businesses will wait for workers to return after the weekend, hopefully with all data and systems ready to go.

A recent series of articles from MSPmentor, mentions that the winter storm is testing the IT channel early in 2014. This is especially true when it comes to data backup and disaster recovery plans.

“As with any winter storm, Hercules is bringing heavy snow and winds to the region, leaving MSPs with the responsibility of protecting customers’ data and IT systems from the harm that severe weather conditions can bring,” the article reads.

For businesses that had the forethought to have a proper disaster recovery plan in place, this storm should be no problem. With a system running that has been tested and is supported by an experienced VAR or MSP, businesses can not only go on as usual after the storm, but if the cloud is used, during it as well, with employees operating from their living rooms.

Solution providers that have partnered with VAR Staffing have already identified and recruited the impactful talent needed to successfully provide disaster recovery strategies that can stand up to any incident.

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