Increased cloud security guidance helps corporate safety

By Sonian
In Channel
December 17, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

The cloud security threat environment continues to shift as businesses increase their oversight and hackers step up their attacks. The result is more zero-day problems meeting with enhanced corporate data safety measures, causing more conflicts and an emerging interest in creating more positive corporate operations.

As Tech Week reported, the Cloud Security Alliance and the Software Assurance Forum for Excellence in Code released new guidelines regarding ideal scenarios for corporate compliance, continuity and overall safety in digital landscapes. The source stated that the nature of online threats has made it necessary for all applications to scale up for data leakage and breach blockages, creating secure interfaces for APIs and DoS attacks that could otherwise cripple corporations. The final effect is an enterprise landscape that is ready to respond to myriad different threats.

GCN Online added that there’s an increasing amount of shared resources and productivity problems that have littered the IT landscape with complications. The best solution for these concerns so far has been cloud storage that caters to the greatest variety of users, allowing for complexity in management and implementation at various levels of the infrastructure.

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