Study: 63 percent of businesses allow access through mobile devices

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December 13, 2013

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Mobility has become an integral part of business, whether decision makers want it to be or not. As more people get their hands on smartphones and tablets for use in their personal lives, It is only natural that they would also use them for work​-related functions, even if it’s just adding work email to an iPhone.

A recent study from Quocirca found that 63 percent of companies provide workers with formal access to at least some business data through mobile applications. The study doesn’t take into account the informal access of employees using mobile devices without permission.

All of this is creating a number of challenges and security concerns for IT departments as more companies are forced to handle mobile adoption. An article from ComputerWeekly examined how seriously mobile security needs to be taken.

“To understand the scale of the problem it needs looking at in two parts; the way mobility changes the approach that needs to be taken to an organization’s core IT infrastructure and the security challenges of mobility itself,” the article reads.

The article goes on to say that for the most part, the approach doesn’t need to be much different than how it is now. The goal of criminals is the same, mobility just gives them a larger target area to focus on. IT departments just need to shift focus to account for how mobile devices function.

To answer these challenges, more companies are turning toward VARs and MSPs that specialize in cyber security. Top solution providers partner with VAR Staffing to identify and recruit the impactful talent that is needed keep company information safe.

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