Cloud storage concerns create bring-your-own-problems

By Sonian
In Channel
December 13, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

There’s a growing movement in the corporate world to allow personnel to bring their own devices to work and use these tools as extensions of business infrastructure. Expanding opportunities to engage, cultivate and mobilize employees through cloud storage options is ideal for companies trying to save money and expand simultaneously, but there can be significant risks along the way.

As ZDNet wrote, people with smartphones and tablets in the office environment tend to also use their own cloud services for personal activities. These solutions can sometimes migrate into corporate operations as well, and mixing business and pleasure is not always the best thing for maintaining security and continuity. The source warned that unmonitored solutions in corporate architecture could increase complexity and lower oversight, creating problems during audits further down the line.

Keeping cloud security a top priority may seem difficult without impeding connectivity. However, CloudTweaks wrote that it’s wise to consider how safe each tool is before agreeing to use it at the corporate level. If personnel are using applications or services that are potentially dangerous, offering a substitute can help divert their efforts to a more unified, secure solution. Adding options like encryption and cloud portals could also help remedy the problem.

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