Experts express ‘sympathy’ toward IT staffing decision-makers

By VAR_Staffing
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December 12, 2013

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The dance of the technology staffing fairy continues to ebb and flow, causing frustration for company executives. With innovation never resting, organizations find themselves in constant search for the right professionals to manage changes in the IT channel.

In a recent column from Forbes, Howard Baldwin expressed his sympathies toward technology decision-makers when it comes to staffing.

“There are lots of reasons I don’t envy CIOs their myriad challenges, but the biggest one has to be finding the right personnel,” Baldwin wrote. “Choosing a technology is almost child’s play compared to finding the talent to make sure it gets deployed properly. Tech is expensive, but people are more so. Especially when the technology is popular and the skills are in demand.”

The main issue is a disconnect between CIOs and employees. A study cited in the piece found that 72 percent of executives believe workers have a high satisfaction level when it comes to their job. However, the same study reported that 35 percent of workers plan to look for a new job in the next 12 months while another 35 percent are unsure if they will stay in their current role or not.

This kind of uncertainty is something no organization wants to deal with, but many are. This is where a reliable VAR or MSP can provide value as a problem solving solution instead of trying to identify, recruit and retain specific individuals. VAR Staffing provide these solutions experts with the impactful talent that is needed to make a true difference in the IT landscape.

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