Examining the challenges of IT staffing

By VAR_Staffing
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December 11, 2013

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The IT channel is complicated and seems to be getting more so by the day. Because of this, the need for quality IT professionals is growing and the battle to identify and recruit the top talent is becoming a larger hurdle.

A recent article from Computing examined the growing challenge of finding the right IT talent. The piece features an interview with Steve Capper, the director of IT at London-based consulting firm Skanska. He mentioned that as a small business outside of the big city, these obstacles can be even harder to overcome.

“We’ve been very fortunate, but it’s not easy to find people. It’s hard to recruit when you’re at the top of the M25 [motorway] – we’re not in central London,” Capper told the news source. “It’s hard to get good quality people to come and work with you, but I think we’ve done quite well.”

He added that to attract certain skill sets that are in high demand, his businesses has been forced to hand over some hefty salaries that range in the six-figures. With the way that people can change positions, recruiting is complex and a mistake can be very costly.

Because of the trouble with the great unknown that is IT staffing, many companies have been turning toward VARs and MSPs to answer today’s technology challenges. With the help of VAR Staffing, any quality IT solution provider can gain a hand when it comes to identifying and recruiting the impactful IT talent that can make all the difference.

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