Backup and file archive make cloud storage more flexible

By Sonian
In Channel
December 10, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

As the volume of information companies have to deal with continues to grow, so too do the methods of management for these resources change. Organizations have to tier their cloud storage so as to keep up with the various capacities in which they use these services. File archive in the cloud is therefore splitting from basic usage into different kinds of control.

InformationWeek wrote that it’s important for companies to remember that online backups aren’t the same as generic cloud storage. These two kinds of assets should be characterized by the way in which corporations use them, with backups treated as restoration points and recovery tools and cloud storage implemented for regular data intake, management and dissemination. Each of these tools has its unique purposes in the business landscape, and companies with a wealth of information may choose to take advantage of both.

The kinds of backup available to companies are also continuing to expand, as PCWorld wrote. There are private clouds that can handle this process, as well as external drives and peer-to-peer services. All of these methods make it easy for organizations to keep up with maintaining integrity and boosting efficiency.

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