Green data centers help boost cloud storage usability

By Sonian
In Channel
December 9, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

The enterprise landscape is one of the biggest forces in pollution management and control. It’s best for businesses to identify their own weaknesses and reason with workforce, IT structures and cloud storage providers in ways that help promote better information usage and greater levels of cloud control throughout the organization.

As Environmental Leader commented, this is particularly true to corporate environments that are interested in promoting green business facilities. The source indicated that CO2 emissions are monitored closely in the cloud, creating a resource that is easier to regulate and reduce than traditional tape or disk devices. What’s more, cloud resources express lower electricity demands and allow for remote handling, thereby reducing the amount of in-house power needed to keep real-time, backup and archive assets functioning properly. The source also stated that, because the cloud is generally better at handling information requests than on-premises tools, the savings in terms of finance and environment are readily handed back to corporations.

It’s easy to express savings in terms of dollars and time, but transposing those values to green energy and environmental assets could be difficult for some organizations. It’s therefore wise for companies to invest in these kinds of technology, as it’s best for corporations to promote ongoing ecological initiatives to ensure corporate and climate profligation.

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