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By Sonian
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December 5, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

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You just deleted three emails. Will you be charged with a crime?
You’ve seen the all-too-common headlines:

An employee charged with obstruction of justice for hitting the “delete” button…

A small business crippled by a pile of time-sensitive discovery requests…

A global corporation slapped with a huge fine for failing to comply with data-retention regulations…

If you’re not preserving the intellectual property and other valuable data in your email, you’re putting your company – and yourself – at risk. With Sonian’s cloud-based email archiving platform, you’re able to save every message – because you never know – and search every message when you need to know.

  • Automatically capture all sent and received emails in a secure cloud.
  • Enable users to search the full text of emails and 500 types of file attachments.
  • Preserve data to support compliance regulations and discovery requests.
  • Get rid of Help Desk tickets about restoring deleted emails.
  • Never worry about lost data – or the consequences – ever again!

More than 14,000 customers in 40 countries trust Sonian to comply with data retention regulations, address discovery requests and cut IT costs and burdens. Sonian’s proprietary Information Discovery Cloud™ platform is a secure, state-of-the-art turnkey solution. There’s no hardware or software to buy, no maintenance to perform and no need to have someone onsite for days or even weeks of implementation. With Sonian, you archive, index and search your e-mail – in less than 20 minutes. Have questions? Want more info? Need help? Let’s talk!

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