Executives leaning on IT contractors instead of hiring full-time employees

By VAR_Staffing
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December 5, 2013

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When it comes to answering challenges in the IT channel, technology executives have two options. They can either look for a talented individual for permanent employment or hire on a per-project basis or consulting basis. Both of them have advantages, but recent trends show that CIOs are relying heavily on IT contractors over hiring full-time staff in recent years.

A recent article from CIO Magazine examined this growing practice. A survey cited in the piece by Mondo found that 48 percent of respondents plan to hire more contractors than full-time staff over the next 12 to 18 months. On top of that, 32 percent have plans to increase the IT budgets specifically for hiring these kinds of employees.

The article features an interview with Peter Cannone, the CEO of an IT contract staffing provider. He mentioned that there has been a definite increase in IT contractors as many businesses are finding it is harder for existing employees to keep up with the evolving technology landscape. Because of this, organizations are looking to become more flexible and the increase in IT contractors is not a fluke.

“This is going to continue to be the norm for the next few years, I believe,” Cannone says. “We’re actually expecting that, next year, the number of IT contractors in the market will double, based on the increased number of contractors we have signing up with us,” he says.

This shift in thinking is making VARs and MSPs more popular in the long run. VAR Staffing has the expertise to help solution providers identify and recruit the impactful talent that businesses need to make a difference.

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