Cloud monitoring helps reduce internal misuse

By Sonian
In Channel
December 5, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

There is plenty of external threat that organizations need to anticipate and mitigate without worrying about what personnel are doing. However, when businesses overlook the impact of internal leaks, they may find themselves struggling to maintain cloud storage and archive security.

According to CloudPro, scandals associated to internal misuse is not uncommon. Increasing transparency and cloud monitoring is the best way to reduce the presence of these kinds of problems, as it ensures there’s a trail for companies to follow if there should be any questions raised about the way organizations operate. It also promotes better governance so that firms can control every aspect of their cloud infrastructures, making it difficult for external forces to slip in unnoticed. With surveillance concerns on the rise among leading enterprise sectors, it’s important for companies to increase their oversight in ways that increase complications with entities of any kind to encroach on their information management and ownership.

IT Business Edge stated that cloud monitoring can help increase performance and promote a heightened state of awareness throughout the infrastructure. Supporting internal operations and tracking the way personnel interact in the business sphere helps corporations generate the right kind of security throughout their entire operations.

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