New levels of security make cloud storage easier to manage

By Sonian
In Channel
December 4, 2013

Sonian Marketing / Sonian

The presence of cloud storage in the enterprise landscape has made business assets like Software-as-a-Service and digital infrastructure much easier to engage. The power of corporate data resources has allowed organizations to enhance their total visibility and promote higher levels of information oversight in their online environments in ways that create more control over cloud assets.

According to ZDNet, there has been a shift recently toward hypervisors and encryption options that focuses more on cryptography. Known as cryptoprocessing, these kinds of assets make it easy for organizations to improve their protections and enhance overall file safety without taking more steps between creation, capture and retention than necessary. What’s more, these systems also create encryption keys and promote ongoing cloud control that generates internal control beyond the access range of external third parties. This makes for much better security and handling options that means firms are able to generate their own kinds of oversight without worrying whether their assets are actually properly protected.

The premise of cryptoprocessing touches on the concerns that many organizations have harbored for years – whether their operations are actually safe in the modern data landscape or not. These kinds of automated, agentless data handling operations streamline the protection process and ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for review and oversight of internal assets without concerns about hacking or firewall damage.

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