Seattle MSP Upgrades From Kutenda With Ulistic

By Stuart_R_Crawford
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December 1, 2013

Stuart R. Crawford / Stuart Crawford

When Seattle managed service provider Silvertip IT needed a refresh from their Kutenda website they choose Ulistic to give them a website overhaul and refresh of their brand online.

On the serviice, Silvertip IT is like many IT service providers in the pacific northwest. This was a challenge because their existing Kutenda site painted them into this corner.  Ulistic’s focus is on finding every managed service provider’s unique voice rather than making every MSP sound identical.  MSP marketing professional Stuart Crawford strives to echo with each of Ulistic’s clients the same strategy of focusing on what makes a company unique versus echoing all the same stuff.  This is what made his Calgary IT services firm IT Matters a true success in the Calgary market.

Ulistic focused on why clients of Silvertip IT do business with them as an IT service provider in the Seattle area.  After determining what makes Silvertip IT different, Ulistic got to work making their MSP website a true representation of why they are in business in the first place.  True, Silvertip IT offers many of the same services found in any IT service firm, but it is the focus of the team on each of their clients that makes them truly unique.

If your Kutenda website is becoming stale and your need a MSP website overhaul, call Ulistic today.  Our $297 MSP website is the perfect solution for any large or small managed services provider.  Call 716.799.1999 x102.

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