IT security a never-ending battle

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November 29, 2013

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We like to think that every challenge is winnable. Face it, diagnosis it, overcome it and move on, victorious. This idea has bled into a number of different aspects of business — to be successful, we need to win. However, there are certain major obstacles that can never be won, only maintained. At the top of the list, for IT departments, is security.

Technology is a major component to businesses of all sizes, and it comes with a barrage of obstacles to overcome. In the case of cyber attacks and malware, it is a never-ending struggle to keep up with the criminals on the other end. 

A recent ComputerWorld article cited several studies that showed how important cyber security elements have become in the business world. According to the numbers, organizations are spending 5 percent of their average IT budget on security practices. This is important because cyber crime is costing businesses in the U.S. an average of $11.6 million yearly. That is an increase from last year’s $8.9 million per company.

The growing impact of attacks has companies looking for a way to beat the criminals. However, as technology evolves, so too have the kinds of attacks that are expected. This means organizations need to focus keeping pace and reacting to new challenges.

“We are essentially going in circles,” David Hoelzer, director of research for Enclave Forensics, told the news source. “We improve only after our adversaries defeat our defenses. Most software is still riddled with vulnerabilities, but the vendors typically make no move to fix one until it becomes publicly disclosed. Coders are not trained in security, and ‘well written’ means ‘under budget.'”

IT security can be difficult to handle on your own. Many companies have partnered with quality VARs and MSPs to answer these challenges. Reliable solution providers work with VAR Staffing to identify and recruit the impactful talent that is needed to compete.

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